Lamp Loupe-Perfectly balanced flourescent lighting with a precision 3 diopter magnifier lens, 118-120v 60 HZ 3 conductor cord set, 45" extension arm, supplied with 22 watt circline tube, new wire clip design permits easy installation and removal of flourescent tube. The shade with a handle lets you bring the light where you want it.

$39.99 ea.

Caliper 0-150mm/6"

Light & Durable- Minimum Scale to read is 0.1mm

$3.99 ea.



Break Off Trim Knife- We just got these knifes in and we also have extra blades as well for them.

$0.55 ea.


Break Off Blades- For the Trim Knife above. There are 5 break off blades to a package for.




Scissors- for cutting thread, fits in the palm of your hand.

$1.00 ea.



Stainless steel spatula- great for mixing your glue, or epoxy coating and for putting on a coat over your wraps. Overall measurement is 6", Must have for rod building.

$5.95 ea.

Dental Pick for Marbelizing- $2.00 ea.


Stainless steel pick- some rod builders like using a tool like this to put the coating on fly rods or sometimes you need a pick to pull the thread through your wrap.

$2.00 ea.



5 pc. Artist brush set- sizes: 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2". I really like the 1/8" & 1/4" for doing fly rods wraps.




Gudebrod-Rod wrapping tool set- burnishing tool, scissor, pick.





Cork Reamers-w/o eva grip


11/64" to 13/64"OD

12/64" to 16/64"OD

13/64" to 18/64"OD

14/64" to 16/64"OD

16/64" to 17/64"OD


$2.50 ea.

Reamer Grit sold by the pound


Medium Course




Reamer Grit Kit-contents 10 ea 15" rod blanks, 10 ea. EVA grips for handle for cork reamers, 1 bag of medium course grit, 1 small container of glue container. $18.25/kt
Size: Cork Reamers-w/eva grip Size:
$5.00 ea.
9/64" to 12/64"OD
11/64" to 13/64"OD
13/64" to 23/64"OD
13/64" to 18/64"OD
14/64" to 16/64"OD
14/64" to 20/64"OD
15/64" to 20/64"OD
16/64" to 18/64"OD
16/64" to 20/64"OD
16/64" to 21/64"OD
17/64" to 20/64"OD
18/64" to 21/64"OD
20/64" to 23/64"OD
21/64" to 24/64"OD
21/64" to 25/64"OD
21/64" to 22/64"OD
22/64" to 30/64" OD
30/64" to 32/64"OD